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AUS politics+Raptor Jesus=

A good time for all. Good animation, good use of AUS political figures, and good hair on Capt Planet.

Most importantly, Inspirational

Good job Weebl, I have no clue who Savlonic is but this is definitely a good introduction. I want to say that the lighting effects are a bit overboard but I just can't, they work so damn well, great use of colors as well. It could just be the cheap beers and whiskey coursing through my veins talking but this is easily one of the best flashes I've seen, I would give it a ten like so many others have but I'm reserving that for the white whale that will probably never exist. To sum it up this flash put a smile on my face, the kind you would normally only see on a child and for that alone this is a win.

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This is a great idea and a great game. It is a bit short and could use more missions. Also I don't think I've ever played a flash game with rts style controls that works well and this one unfortunately suffers a bit from that but overall it's still great.

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What if I don't like any of the levels?

I played through the whole thing hoping it would actually get good and I want my time back. I like zombies and I like games like this so I thought I was going to enjoy this but It became mind numbingly boring very quickly instead of addictive. This can almost entirely be blamed on level design, fix that and you've got a good game. But as it is It didn't challenge me into thinking and was just plain tedious. Too many rockets were provided for most levels and it simply degenerated into shooting one zombie after the other with relatively few challenges mixed in. And are you serious with that last level, was that suppose to be a joke? It would have made a lot more sense putting that much earlier in the game.

robotJAM responds:

So you were so bored by it you played through all 45 levels.
We'll get you on board to design the levels on the next game.


A retro style Tremors game to satisfy the kid inside me that always wondered why one was never made back in the day. There do appear to be some hit testing issues that made getting ladies man a bit of a pain but other than that simple, fun, and the retro style definitely satisfied my inner child. Good job guys.

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